Review: ‘My Uncle Is The Green River Killer’ Is A Fascinating Look At Serial Killer Gary Ridgway

‘My Uncle is the Green River Killer’ is a fascinating look at serial killer Gary Ridgway told through the perspective of his family. It includes exclusive footage and interviews of both Ridgway and some of his family members discussing the killing spree as well as its ramifications. Most interestingly it has a direct interview between some of Ridgway’s female family members with the man himself where they confront him for the first time since he was sentenced.

Gary Ridgway was one of the most prolific serial killers in US history, killing at least 49 women between 1982 and 1998 (though upon arrest he confessed to numbers closer to 80-100 women). During his years active Ridgway lived what most of the people who knew him described as an unassuming and normal life not giving off any clues that he was committing such horrible murders in his free time.

This documentary is highly emotional and at times difficult to watch as it shows members of Ridgway’s family (led mainly by his niece Kristen) confront and deal with what Ridgway did. Beyond getting answers there is also a hope that perhaps family members could get more information out of Ridgway about his further victims beyond just numbers. Unsurprisingly, Ridgway shows off his psychopathic personality and shows no remorse or regard for the killings. Unable to get answers from Ridgway his family decides to meet with the families of some of his known victims in an attempt to seek amends. This offers a unique documented moment where the emotional toll of all involved (a serial killer’s victims families as well as the family of the serial killer) is showcased.

‘My Uncle is the Green River Killer’ is more than just a typical documentary about a serial killer. This isn’t a bunch of recreations and tired narrations. It is an emotional and fascinating look at a prolific killer through the eyes of his family, as well as the killer himself. This is highly recommended for people interested in these types of shows, as well as anyone curious about the emotional aftermath of an individual’s horrific actions on those closest to them.

Airs tonight on LMN.

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