Watch Trailer For ‘The Whistlers’

Written and Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu Starring Vlad Ivanov, Catrinel Marlon, Rodica Lazar, Antonio Buíl In THE WHISTLERS, not everything is as it seems for Cristi, a police inspector in Bucharest who plays both sides of the law. Embarking with the beautiful Gilda on ...Read More

Watch Trailer For ‘McMillions’ Coming To HBO

MCMILLIONS – This documentary series chronicles the stranger-than-fiction story of an ex-cop turned security auditor who rigged the McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion for a decade, stealing millions of dollars and building a vast network of co-conspirators across the U.S. The series draws on exclusive ...Read More

Watch Previews For ‘Seal Team’ Wednesday

SEAL Team 3×10 “Unbecoming an Officer” Season 3 Episode 10 Promo (Fall Finale) – Jason leads Bravo Team on his first mission back following surgery, and Ensign Davis faces disciplinary action, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, December 11th on CBS. @David_Boreanaz @MaxThieriot @NeilBrownJr @AJohnBuckley @ToniTrucks ...Read More

Watch ‘Vikings’ Preview Wednesday

Vikings 6×03 “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs” Season 6 Episode 3 Promo – Lagertha is forced to take action; In Kiev, although Oleg continues to be friendly, Ivar is aware of the threat which Oleg poses to the vulnerable young heir to the throne; ...Read More

Watch Preview For ‘S.W.A.T’ Wednesday

S.W.A.T. 3×10 “Monster” Season 3 Episode 10 Promo – The SWAT team’s task to provide security for a warlord is threatened by assassins determined to take him out before he’s extradited by the International Criminal Court. Also, Hondo’s father, Daniel Sr. (Obba Babatundé)tries to ...Read More

Watch Preview For ‘Stumptown’ Wednesday

“Dex Education” – Dex goes undercover as a high school substitute teacher after an old classmate of hers enlists her help to find out who planted drugs on her daughter. Meanwhile, Dex and Liz’s relationship gets too close for comfort on “Stumptown,” WEDNESDAY, DEC. ...Read More

Watch ‘Riverdale’ Preview Wednesday

Riverdale 4×09 “Tangerine” Season 4 Episode 9 Promo (Mid-Season Finale) – THE SEARCH FOR FORSYTHE PENDLETON JONES I — After declaring war on Hiram (Mark Consuelos), Veronica (Camila Mendes) enlists a secret weapon against her father – her Abuelita (guest star Ana Mercedes). Archie ...Read More