Movie Short Review: ‘The Zim’

Greetings again from the darkness. Actor Alexander Bedria wrote, directs, and stars in this short film that offers a history lesson alongside some dramatic tension. We learn that in 1980, after 15 years of Civil War, Zimbabwe finally gains its independence. By 2000, the government is seizing property (especially white-owned property) from those considered anything other than native Zimbabweans.

Daniel Silva (played by director Bedria) is a multi-generation land-owner/farmer, and he takes a stand to protect his land and loved ones when he becomes the next target of the government. William, his long time farm hand and “friend”, is played by native Zimbabwean Tongayi Chirisa and remains loyal to his life-long friend and employer despite the fear (and reality) of brutal violence.

Amanda Wing plays Silva’s pregnant wife, Constance Ejuma plays William’s wife, Caroline Lagerfelt (memorable as the nurse in MINORITY REPORT) plays a family member, while Shawn Baker is Montanga, a terrifying government affiliate responsible for carrying out the evictions.

It’s a well made and tension-filled short film that, at its core, asks the philosophical question: should those of today pay for the transgressions of those in the past? On the flip side, should they be allowed to benefit from those transgressions? Silva understandably asks, how many generations back must his family ownership go before he is considered native. It’s a reasonable question with no easy answer … in fact, your answer likely depends on which side of the issue you fall.

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