Movie Short Review: Oscar-Nominated ‘Sing’ Is A Delightful Inspiring Surprise

Review by L.C. Cragg

This short film? A delightful inspiring surprise. SING (MINDENKI) encompasses classic story lines in a refreshing way. These story lines include: fish out of water, the ugly truth of life’s tradeoffs, moments when one’s dream is crushed and when good triumphs over evil.

Told from a young girl, Zsófi’s perspective, we can all identify with her coming of age journey. Set in a private European elementary school, she and her new friend, Liza, are members of an elite award winning chorus.

The story begins just weeks before an international singing competition, film maker Kristof Deak takes an inspiring light touch on the pre-adolescent girls’ interactions without venturing into overt melodrama: not an easy task. Deak successfully captures the awkwardness of their tender innocence and the developing friendship of these two girls.

The antagonist, Miss Erika, the choral director, reminded me of many teachers and coaches I’ve had over the years. Audiences will identify with her truth approach to championing the kids “best performance”.
At a time when world leaders and world conflicts are trying to navigate their next moves, lyrics from one of the choral performance songs rings more than ever true.

“This world belongs to the brave. Only will they find delight.”

Delight is what this film delivers. Without revealing the superb ending it is Zsófi’s,Liza’s and their fellow choral members’ “brave act” that makes this a must see film. Can’t wait to see Mr. Deak’s next film, but don’t wait to see this one first.

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