Movie Short Review: ‘Lost & Found’

Lost & Found- animated short movie review

Animated movies come to life when the characters add their special essence. ‘Lost & found’ brings one such lively tale between a knitted dinosaur and a fox. It shows their cute little love story that is unfortunately caught in difficult situations. Separated from each other, while facing the possibility of being destroyed, these two characters strive to deliver a powerful message. How to work hard to protect their love while losing themselves in the process is an interesting aspect of the movie.

Though the plot and story may seem simple, the underlying message of being forced to sacrifice ourselves for our love/relations/family or passion touches the heart. And while it may appear as an inconvenient reality for us, the thought of doing it for our own people delivers exceptional doses of strength. It leaves the central theme to the imagination of the audience who can find their hidden thought in the process. Makers of this short film have done an exceptional task of imparting emotions to their characters. It invites the viewers to be a part of the tale, as it flows smoothly along the entire length.
A cute animated short movie, ‘Lost & Found’ deserves all the awards to its credit. Watch the tale of two unique characters because inspiration can be found anywhere around us.


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