Movie Short Review: ‘Lost Face’

Greetings again from the darkness. Director Sean Meehan (not the actor of the same name) delivers a terrific screen adaptation of the legendary writer Jack London’s short story. It’s high level production based in the mid-1800’s with fine acting and a score from Elliott Wheeler.

A brutal scene unfolds in the opening as a Native American tribe has turned the tables on the fur thieves who had previously enslaved them. One of the men (Martin Dubreuil) is being forced to watch as his cohort is being tortured to a slow death. As the attention turns to him, he quickly calls for the Chief (Gerald Auger) and begins calm (with a touch of understandable desperation) negotiations for his life.

By the end of the 13 minute film, we realize what a brilliant story it is and how it’s filled with lessons we might not have immediately recognized. When negotiating, it’s best to know what the other person is negotiating for, so that you might better understand their motives. And more importantly, the purity involved with hoping for a miracle is simply a part of the fabric of human nature.

David Ferguson

David Ferguson is a lifelong movie lover and passionate reviewer. He is also a husband, father, business owner, Longhorn, and baseball aficionado.

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