Movie Short Review: ‘Deer Flower’

Greetings again from the darkness. Absolutely gorgeous stop-motion animation from director Kangmin Kim makes this 8 minute short film from South Korea a thing of beauty to watch … in contrast to the cautionary message it seems to be sending.

A young schoolboy is told by his parents that they are taking him on a trip to get “something good for your body”. They end up at a deer farm and what follows is commentary on the common Asian practice of alternative medicine and tonics. When the side effects are unwanted and less than desirable, the father complains about the cost and ineffectiveness.

The visuals of the film combined with the social commentary pack quite a punch for a short film.

David Ferguson

David Ferguson is a lifelong movie lover and passionate reviewer. He is also a husband, father, business owner, Longhorn, and baseball aficionado.

Twitter: @fergusontx


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