Movie Short Review: ‘Asia A’

Greetings again from the darkness. A college basketball player lays in a hospital bed as a doctor puts him through the initial “pin” tests to determine loss of sensation after a spinal injury. The American Spinal Injury Association uses its acronym ASIA as the scale for spinal paralysis – ASIA A being full paralysis or lack of mobility or sensation in lower extremities.

Marquise (London Brown, “Ballers”) was a talented athlete and now he is understandably struggling with the news that he will need a wheelchair to get around. He is angry. His hospital roommate Noah (another memorable Pruitt Taylor Vince performance) is a double amputee, and tries to offer Marquise some guidance and advice … and chocolate.

Visits from a teammate and the appointments with the rehabilitation nurse (Elizabeth Keener) do little to quell the anger bottled up in Marquise. He also refuses to take calls from his former girlfriend (Paulina Bugembe), as the last thing he wants is sympathy attention.

Director Andrew Reid has turned out a very personal story, one that is auto-biographical in nature. Co-written with Roberto Saieh, this 19 minute short film provides some insight into what would be a life-altering situation for any of us. It also shows the difficulty in knowing what (or who) can break through and reach someone facing this.

David Ferguson

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