Movie Review: ‘The Secret Life Of Pets 2’

Review by Lauryn Angel

If you liked The Secret Life of Pets, then you’re in luck, because the super-cute sequel is even better than the first!

In this installment of the franchise, we get three storylines, as Max (Patton Oswalt), Snowball (Kevin Hart), and Gidget (Jenny Slate) each have their own problems to solve. Max and Duke’s (Eric Stonestreet) owner, Katie (Ellie Kemper), gets married and has a baby. And while Max loves little Liam, the baby gives Max a new set of worries that cause his anxiety to escalate to the point of putting him in a cone. When Katie and her husband Chuck (Pete Holmes) to visit a relative with a farm, Max has to learn how to deal with a new set of issues – and a tough old farm dog named Rooster (Harrison Ford). Meanwhile, Gidget has been entrusted with the care of Max’s favorite toy, Busy Bee. But after a mishap, Busy Bee ends up in the Cat Lady’s apartment, where he is taken hostage. Our third story is the most outrageous, involving Captain Snowball and a civilian dog named Daisy (Tiffany Haddish), who seeks Captain Snowball’s help in freeing a white tiger cub named Hu from a circus run by a villain named Sergei (Nick Kroll), who is abetted by a monkey named Little Sergei and four Russian wolfhounds.

Once again, snarky cat Chloe (Lake Bell) is my favorite character, but she gets some competition from the scene-stealing Hu. The sequence in which Chloe teaches Gidget how to impersonate a cat is by far the funniest bit in the film – but as I am owned by cats, I may be a tad biased.

I enjoyed The Secret Life of Pets 2. It’s fun, but be advised that it does get a little scary for younger children – the child behind me was scared of the wolfhounds. If you want to treat the family to an afternoon at the movies, this is a great choice!

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