Movie Review: ‘The Marine 6: Close Quarters’

The Marine series is back with its sixth installment. This time Jack Carter (WWE star The Miz) is back and is teaming with Luke Trapper (WWE star Shawn Michaels) to rescue a girl kidnapped as part of a plot to sway a juror in a murder case. The bad guys have his daughter and if he doesn’t vote not guilty they will kill her. Jack and Luke stumble on to this plot and it’s an all out shoot em up, WWE style fight brawls all over the place, in an attempt to save the girl.

The movie is all action and limited talking (which is a good thing). The lines the main actors get are usually quick one-liners that are sometimes funny but play into the story since there’s so much gun shooting. Shawn Michaels steals the movie with his quick wit. The Miz does his usual good job of portraying Jack with a surprise twist to his character.

If you are a fan of the previous ones in the series this fits in just fine. The action, story and brawls are what make the series and there’s plenty here to satisfy fans.

THE MARINE 6: CLOSE QUARTERS, the action-packed adventure hitting digital, Blu-ray™and DVD on Tuesday, November 13 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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