Movie Review: ‘The Con Is On’

Sarcasm, humor, suspense, strong storyline and talented cast blend together in this latest star-studded comedy movie ‘The Con is on’. Revolving around a high status jewel theft, con scheme and tricks full of status, power and money, this movie is an off-beat entertainer in its own way. It deserves the title of off-beat and novel due to its unique plot and unexpected twists. With a star cast that reflects excellent timing, realistic acting and hilarious dialogues, it definitely entertains the audience till the last bit.

Directed by James Haslam, the movie shines due to its flawless casting. Though the story starts on a slow pace with room for doubts, all these confusing pieces fall into place within few moments from the start. Actors Uma Thurman (Harriet) and Tim Roth (Peter) star as the central couple involving in cons and tricks to make money, while riding over their wave of power. Realistic acting marks the success of the movie as it seems to connect at every step. While they escape away from London to the Hollywood paradise of Los Angeles, they encounter several twists and turns along the way. Their purpose of escape centers on looting a gangster Irina, hoping to avoid her troubles miles away from the home land. Irina comes across as a powerful lady gangster who does not spare anyone and anything in her path.

With Irina’s arrival in LA, the story takes a power-paced approach, adding dozens of uncertainties. Low doses of sarcastic humor accompany the audience, while the con couple try one trick after the other to make some quick money. From planning to loot Peter’s ex-wife to fooling every single member in her large mansion, Peter and Harriet engage in several surprises, only to increase the entertainment quotient.

At times, the movie seems to go slow, but eventually when it reveals the hidden motive, it succeeds in building some effective suspense. Stephen Fry’s comic timing and Sofia Vergara’s powerful screen presence pose as highlights of this movie, making it star-studded in every sense. It is not one of those light hearted comedies that demand nothing but an empty mind for some mindless humor. It fits more into the frame of a mindful thriller that can engage the audience. It demands active presence of mind to follow every twists and turns, deserving applauds and laughter, when the real purpose is revealed.

Watch this movie for its talented cast, interesting storyline and strong plot. A good break from routine, this sarcastic humor will leave you with several ‘Wow!’ moments, while you appreciate their con powers at its best. A fresh piece of entertainer, ‘The Con is on’ will make you a part of its colorful project. Ride over this unique roller coaster for some close and personal experience with fun, adventure, humor and suspense, after all ‘the con is on’ and here to stay.

THE CON IS ON, in select theaters and on demand Friday, May 4 from Lionsgate.


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