Movie Review: ‘The Browsing Effect’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Melissa (Megan Guinan) and James (Drew Fonteiro) move in together and James proposes to her not long after. They met online and discuss what it was like meeting. She had a knitting club and he didn’t know or want to know how to knit, but did want to meet her. They thought everything was going great, but when Melissa mentioned they should jokingly make a Tinder account, she ends up finding out James was cheating and unhappy that Melissa couldn’t make one decision in her life. Melissa finally starts taking charge of her life.

Their friends are also going through dating obstacles. Rachel (Nikki SooHoo) and Ben (Josh Margolin) are their mutual friends who recently broke up. They have both been using dating apps to find someone else. Rachel gets with a friend of Melissa’s after breaking up with an older guy. Ben gets with Gabriela (Gabriela Lopez), who is younger and plans to go to law school. Everyone finally gets to a place in life that they are content.

This film is realistic in how challenging it can be to date, but it’s kind of obnoxious and annoying. Melissa can’t make decisions, James is a cheater, Rachel is a serial dater and Ben loves messing up a perfectly good thing. You want things to work out, but you know it’s them. They need to work on themselves and probably won’t. It also drags very slowly, so if you’re looking for things to actually happen steadily throughout, this is not the film to watch.

THE BROWSING EFFECT hits digital and on demand next Tuesday, April 9th.

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