Movie Review: ‘St. Bernard Syndicate’

A comedy movie with unique storyline, novel experiences and awkward situations filled with humor, ‘St. Bernard Syndicate’ is an entertainer in its own different style. Following the bold adventures of ambitious Frederick who hopes to make it big in dog breeding business in China, the movie is shot in a mockumentary style. There is Frederick who seems to know it all with his immense confidence and interest. Though he has no experience of doing a business before, he is convinced of the idea of St. Bernard dog breeding in China.

With unexpected support from his school friend Rasmus, the two set out from Denmark to China to start their business. While Frederick’s father refuses to help him in this new venture, Frederick manages to take along his father’s pet dog ‘Dollar’ without any permission. The camera takes us through their funny adventures in a new country where they make attempts to engage an investor. What follows is confusion, misunderstanding, failures, and trials between the two who hire employees and meet new people. From working hard to understand the local culture to impress potential investors with a lucrative business plan, they do it all with determination. Awkwardness between the two friends who were not really the best of buddies reflects over their behavior, while they try to adjust to the new country, new business and new partnership all at once.

There is humor in their experiences. Though they don’t seem to know what steps to take, their confidence is hilarious in its own way. There are funny dialogues, unexpected situations and interesting encounters with people in the new land. The movie seems to go slow at certain situations where the humor gets lost in the process. Though the tale of two foreigners lost in a new land for business may look usual, the movie scores due to its excellent casting. Both the actors have done a great job of depicting awkwardness in their characters perfectly. Their on-off friendship and multiple attempts of connecting yet disagreeing with each other adds some punch to the tale.

Watch a light-hearted comedy that turns interesting along the entire length. Whether they manage to start their business or find it difficult to handle the pressures in a new country, the tale catches pace towards funnier outcomes. Their experiences with a potential big investor lands them into more troubles because everything is new for these two lost foreigners. They are caught between the need to make it big and the growing hesitation of trusting new people.

A unique comedy for the fun of something different, ‘St. Bernard Syndicate’ is good break for the audience. In Theaters January 18 & On Demand February 5.


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