Movie Review: ‘Somewhere Beautiful’

A unique tale with a different approach- movie ‘Somewhere Beautiful’ demonstrates new style of movie-making. Slated to release on 21st April, 2017, this artistic movie explores new angles of creative arts. Experimentation and innovation run as the underlying theme of the tale as movie makers have invested their efforts to offer something different. It runs with a smooth flow, yet involves the audience at every step to experience its uniqueness.

The tale jumps between two beautiful locations -South America and Los Angeles. It captures the picturesque landscape of Argentina and sunny Los Angeles, while the actors discover their calling. It touches the feelings of love, ignorance, abundance and relationships between the lead actors as they explore various locations of Argentina. First half of the movie revolves around a photographer and his love in Argentina. When the lead actors start their artistic hunt, they come across diverse feelings for each other. Due to growing interest towards photography, when the actor ignores his love interest, she finds increasing attraction towards their tour guide. With this, the movie initiates trail of love, hatred, resentment and ignorance. Internationally acclaimed actors Dominique Pinon, Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Pablo Cedron, Maria Alche and Robyn Buck have done great justice to their roles, bringing the tale to life.

Second half of the story captures Director Kodagolian and his struggle in relationships in Los Angeles. It projects his efforts in designing the movie, while he battles against his own troubles of life. With differences and distance from his wife, as he takes care of their two year old daughter, the movie appears realistic in every way. It captures his challenges under the true light of sacrifices, realities, love and relations. The movie is successful in depicting realities of relationships as every individual is unique in their thoughts and opinions.

Makers of this movie have tried their hands at something different and they certainly succeed in keeping the audience tied till the end. Slow pace, easy flowing story, realistic acting and relatable simple tale are some of the highlights of the movie to look forward to.

Watch this movie for its interesting and unique concept. Such movies depict the power of experimentation and innovation in the field of entertainment. ‘Somewhere beautiful’ will definitely take you to a beautiful world, away from usual stereotypical elements of movies.


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