Movie Review: ‘Pitchfork’

Review by Lauryn Angel

Pitchfork opens and closes with the same song, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands,” a nod to the killer, Pitchfork (Daniel Wilkinson) who has, you guessed it, a pitchfork for a hand. But that’s about as clever as this movie gets.

Hunter Killian (Brian Raetz) is a gay New Yorker who brings a diverse group of friends with him when he decides to visit home after coming out to his parents. The idea is that his friends will be there to support him, but the friends seem more interested in the possibility of a barn dance – which provides the backdrop for a big dance number. That dance number is the most memorable thing about the movie –bad news for Pitchfork – which deals largely in stereotypical characters and cliché horror plot devices. The film doesn’t really have a coherent tone – it starts out humorous, and there are some attempts to laugh at itself, but that humor is abandoned halfway through. By the end, it dabbles in torture, but without the gore.

Pitchfork is ultimately more boring than entertaining, which is unfortunate. It never lives up to the cleverness it promises, instead becoming a chaotic mess that was way too long at 94 minutes.

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