Movie Review: ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’

Review by Monique Thompson

Using a special camera that can see spirits, a family must protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan.

Finally, the Paranormal Activity franchise is coming to an end, and this last installment proves why this is a good thing. The sixth installment in the found footage family of films, Paranormal Activity – The Ghost Dimension, should be a disappointment to franchise lovers. The Marked Ones a couple years ago left a little hope that things would start to turn for the found footage supernatural films but that ending being false hope.

In this final installment, the film starts with a scene from the third Paranormal Activity where Dennis’ spine is being crushed by mysterious forces. A grandmother then leads her grand-daughters upstairs with a camera and a strange man talks to them about someone named Toby. Fast forward 25 years later, and the victims being haunted by the supernatural this go ’round is a family that is getting together to celebrate Christmas. The 6-year old daughter begins to act strangely and makes references to an imaginary friend named “Toby”. After the dad finds a unique camera and some strange old films, he realizes that “Toby” and his daughter’s condition is way more sinister.

The Ghost Dimension happens to be in 3D which quite honestly is pointless. A found-footage film just doesn’t need 3D! Especially considering the things being witnessed shouldn’t have any type of animation on it – the whole point is to make is seem real right. The family is being haunted by the supernatural which is something you can’t actually see so the 3D road for this one unfortunately made no sense.

Throughout the film, as the daughter begins to act more and more strangely, the families approach to trying to figure out what’s wrong is just baffling. The mother decides to sleep on the floor in the daughters room, as opposed to the dad who’s of course much stronger and is the main one that’s suspicious about their daughter being haunted. There’s even a scene where the men in the house leave the mother and daughter home alone, at night, knowing there’s an evil supernatural presence lurking in their home. And I can’t leave out the scene where the family is running through the house petrified with flashlights when there’s nothing wrong with the electricity! A flip of any of the light switches in the house is all it would have took.

As it seems with all of the Paranormal Activity installments with the exception of maybe the first one, the main let down is the ending and this is will be no different. But the good thing about it this time is, the Paranormal Activity franchise won’t be coming back to let us down anymore. The end is here.

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