Movie Review ‘Minutes To Midnight’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

A group of young co-workers and friends go to the cabin of their boss, Mr. Walters (William Baldwin), with the intention of celebrating New Year’s. When Sheriff Derek Wyatt (Richard Grieco) tells them to leave before the next day, due to the “weather”, they say that they will be gone by tomorrow. Unfortunately for them, there are monsters in the forest who want to make sure that they really will be gone before tomorrow. Along with wondering why some of their friends are missing, the group encounters a stranger, Travis (John Hennigan), looking for his missing brother. Sophia (Sara Fletcher) being stuck with her kind of ex-boyfriend searches for her friends, while trying to escape the monsters, while finding out Mr. Walters true intentions.

Rounding out the cast are Gimple (Bill Moseley), Deputy Taso (Christopher Judge), Michael (Bryce Draper), Heather (Macy Cruthird), Emily (Viva Bianca), Chloe (Dominique Swain), Charlie (Kaiwi Lyman), Calypso (Mercy Malick), Tiffani (Jena Sims), Angus (Aaron Aguilera) and Richie (Jared Cohn).

This film is your standard straight-to-video horror film. You can’t watch it expecting more than what it is. The plot keeps moving, but it doesn’t keep you very invested in the storyline, unless you have nothing else to do for the day. You can guess the plot twist. It’s not that it’s the worst horror film, it’s that it’s the most basic plot. Young people go to the woods to get drunk and hook up and surprise, they get killed. Even though it doesn’t add anything new, if you’re the type of person who loves watching the type of movies that show on SyFy channel religiously, then you’ll like this film somewhat.

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