Movie Review: ‘The Idol’

Review by Wesley Collins

In life we experience great triumph and great loss many times these are the themes of our lives. The main character in The Idol Mohammed is the epitome of great loss and great triumph. Mohammed is the quintessential young boy growing up in hostile conditions looking for a way. The story follows him, his sister Nour, and two of their childhood friends through mischief and merriment as they look to make it big as musicians in Gaza, Palestine. Mohammed has a beautiful singing voice and his sister Nour is his biggest supporter. Their band begins to gain stem under strenuous conditions, when Mohammed suffers utter tragedy and loses his love for music.

The film then moves forward to Mohammed as a young man. He’s still searching for a way out of the only place he’s ever known. He eventually runs into an old friend whose very presence causes him to recall the beauty in his childhood and he rededicates himself to music. Mohammed eventually reaches his dream of performing on a large stage with a chance to change his life forever.

The Idol is the story of small children with big imaginations. I thought it was very well written as well as thought out. As adults, we sometimes lose sight of the things that set certain children on certain paths. This film does that. A person knowing Mohammed as a man without knowing of him as a child won’t understand why music means so much to him. They won’t understand what it’s done for him. All Mohammed truly wanted was out of Gaza with his sister due to his ability to sing. Unfortunately for him, he had to endure a lifetime of turmoil as a child in order to become the young man that eventually succeeded. This story displays the saddening truth that in order to gain in this life, we first have to lose.

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