Movie Review: ‘I Still See You’ Blu-ray

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

After a massive accident at a plant takes the lives of innocent people, ghost-like figures called “remnants” appear. These remnants are people from the accident that show up for a small amount of time re-enacting something they did in life. Nothing the remnants do affects the real world, it’s always the same moment repeated and after it’s done, the remnants disappear. Ronnie (Bella Thorne) always see her father’s remnant, Mr. Calder (Shaun Benson). Ronnie suddenly sees a new remnant, Brian (Thomas Elms), in her house that is trying to communicate something to her. She thinks Brian wants to attack her, so she asks her classmate Kirk (Richard Harmon) to help. Kirk researches information about remnants and helps Ronnie find out who Brian was and why he wants to harm her.

Ronnie also asks her teacher Mr. Bittner (Dermot Mulroney) for information about remnants. He doesn’t believe her at first, but changes his mind when tragedy strikes at their high school. The more Ronnie and Kirk research, the more dangerous it gets for Ronnie. She’ll have to decide if she can trust some of the people around her, as some of the remnants might actually be trying to help her figure out why Brian or something else wants her dead.

This film felt like something for teenagers in the vein of Twilight, but darker. It could be the young cast, moody teenagers and cold weather. It’s actually a darker film. Its pacing is good and the script is well-written. It’s something different and it keeps your attention. It has jump scares and even though there are parts where you can put two and two together, it still felt like you were seeing something different and enjoyable. I think any age group can watch this and it’s a mystery film with horror elements, so it’s perfect to watch now.

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