Movie Review: ‘Halloween Party’ Is A Hidden Gem Of A Comedy

Review by Monique Thompson

Ben and Julie’s annual Halloween Party is about to go off the Richter scale, when their single, high maintenance girlfriend drags in a homeless guy, thinking he’s a party goer, because SHE needs an escort. Not only has she dated everyone there; unbeknownst to her, Ben has invited her lame ex-boyfriend in hopes of reuniting them. As she spends the night avoiding her ex, and the other undesirable guys in attendance, she interacts with a colorful assortment of party peeps. Between disappearing fortune tellers and over crowded jacuzzi, she questions if real love is even possible. The irony; the only person she’s the least bit attracted to, is the homeless man!

With the word Halloween mentioned, naturally you’d automatically assume horror. Runaway Productions’ 2012 comedy Halloween Party is far from what the title may lead you to believe. Quite surprisingly, this film is very funny. It’s actually a great movie to get you in the mood for All Hallows Eve! Following the opening title credits which feature the Oscar nominated song Voodoo, written by CJ Watson and Bruce Michael Miller, hosts Ben and Julie are preparing for their annual Halloween Party. Their party isn’t like your typical ghouls and goblins Halloween party either. Their quirky yet extremely funny friends are nothing short of entertaining.

As the film goes from scene to scene, the mood is steady and the energy of the party makes you feel like you’re a fly on the wall. Some may even empathize with Erin’s “looking for love in the wrong places” persona. Her desperation leads her to invite a total stranger to the party but that only makes things funnier as she refuses to allow herself to have any romantic feelings for a homeless man.

While Halloween Party is quite fast paced (running time of 85 minutes), it doesn’t seem rushed in anyway. Quite frankly you’d almost wish there were just a few more minutes as the guests at this party are like no other. If only all party guests were this entertaining and free spirited. All around, Halloween Party is a hidden gem that’s a good watch if you’re looking for some good comedy.

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