Movie Review: ‘The Dog Lover’ Is An Entertaining Film

Review by Wesley Collins

The Dog Lover follows a beautiful young woman who is exceling in her career working for an animal rights organization. Like many national agencies, the subjects of their inquiries are often guilty until proven innocent. Sara is placed undercover as an intern and is charged with breaking up a supposed illegal dog breeding operation. Throughout the film, she is faced with many decisions that will impact those she’s been charged with watching over. The longer she stays with and gets to know these people, the less she feels there is any evidence of foul play. Is she right? Or is her judgment becoming skewed? As Sara continues to learn more about these people, pressure from her employers place her into a “proverbial” box and she’s forced to make a decision. Sara must choose between her job and what she know believes to be right. It’s a conundrum that Sara mulls over as she must make the biggest decision of her life to date!

From start to finish The Dog Lover, is an entertaining film filled with warm heart felt moments, as well as cold sickening ones. Sara in the film is faced with an issue many people see on a daily basis and that’s the struggle between doing what’s actually right and what’s best for that individual. The Dog Lover should resonate with any and everyone who watches it because I would be willing to bet that anyone who watches it has faced similar circumstances to that of Sara’s in the film. I think this film is great for all ages as it has much conflict but also has a unifying feel to it as well. I thoroughly enjoyed The Dog Lover! In Theaters And On-Demand July 8th.

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