Movie Review: ‘The Disaster Artist’ From James Franco

Review by Preton Barta at SXSW

James Franco’s directing works always have me skeptical. He’s a weird dude. He may be a scholar with 50 different degrees (not accurate) and a fancy for finger paintings, but he has made some outlandish features.

With The Disaster Artist, Franco steps away from Cormac McCarthy adaptations to make a movie about the making of another one — and it just so happens to be the best decision Franco has made as a filmmaker. It highlights the peculiar career of Tommy Wiseau and his 2003 disasterpiece The Room — a title that is largely considered to be one of the worst movies of all time, but people love it for Wiseau’s passion for the arts.

Franco delicately balances the film as a funny and poignant tribute about perseverance and friendship, utilizing its packed cast (including Dave Franco, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron) for good. Each actor may not have a fully developed character, but they make their presence known and produce a few laughs in the process. Look for it later this year.

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