Movie Review: ‘Dawning Of The Dead’

Review by Smee

Nothing says “Happy Christmas” like zombies tearing people apart as the apocalypse rages, right? In a rare holiday horror gem, director Tony Jopita has managed to capture a difference holiday spirit with the video-on-demand film “Dawning of the Dead”. Do not mistaken this as a part of the George Romero chain of zombie flicks – while there are general similarities, they are separate.

The movie starts off pretty much the same as every other undead film – the zombie apocalypse has finally begun. Of course, science is behind the undead revolution and the secrets to stopping it are in the hands of Katya (Ruth Galliers), a former war-correspondent-turned-anchorwoman. While the world is falling apart around them, Katya and her media colleagues watch it unfold from the safety of the newsroom. Or what they thought was safe – as it turns out, there is an assassin set on keeping the origin of the apocalypse a secret. If you’re looking for an original story, you’ll be hard pressed to find it here. “Dawning” has the typical zombie story fare – blood, gore, strained relationships, betrayal, it’s all here. However, there’s a little more storytelling than most flicks that seem to focus on the Gore Factor and how much they can shock viewers. Tony Jopita takes time with the story to give a pretty accurate view on how people would act in a truly life-or-death series of situations, while throwing in a clever mix of comedy and horror. As a fan of the horror-comedy genre, this is definitely one that will be added to my collection.

“Dawning of the Dead” will be available on Video on Demand on Tuesday, 5 December. Curl up on the sofa, turn off the lights, and pour some eggnog – this is sure to become a new family classic.

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