Movie Review: ‘Dare To Be Wild’

The release date of this movie could not be any more perfect, as this inspirational piece pours energy, enthusiasm and motivation for a fresh start in the New Year. Slated to release on January 9th, ‘Dare to be wild’ is based on a true story of a young, nature-loving and inspirational woman Mary Reynolds. As she strives to protect the environment with her honest hopes and sincere efforts, this movie succeeds in spreading a positive influence. The story connects with its viewers at several fronts, portraying the romantic and adventurous journey of Mary and her love for nature.

Set in the beautiful landscape of Ireland, the movie flows from a small town to the city of Dublin. Working as a landscape designer for a celebrity society in the city, Mary looks forward to the opportunity of presenting her garden designs. With passion, sincerity, discipline and immense love for nature, Mary succeeds in promoting her talent, only to be exploited in the cut-throat competition of the elites. After losing her original designs and job to the crafty plans of her boss, Mary finds herself in a hollow space, yet again. Lack of funds, opportunities, support and resources prevent her from entering into the Chelsea garden design competition in London.

Though powered with determination and talent, the story presents the reality faced by every average individual in any field. Refusing to give up, as Mary makes several attempts to participate in the Olympics of gardening, she can only hope to convert her dreams to reality. From working hard on her designs to struggling for an entrance into the competition, hoping for adequate support to motivating herself to make it big, Mary finally bags the chance to live her dreams.

From there, begins the difficult trail of participating in an esteemed competition. Her struggles of finding a sponsorship, besides competing with resourceful Prince Charles drive her towards numerous difficulties. With limited time frame to convert her designs into a real garden, Mary fights against all odds. Her passion drives her to far-off places to find appropriate support from passionate people along the way. When she meets a young man Christy whose desire is to save the desert of Ethiopia and help it bloom once again, their common passions unite for greater cases. The movie flows at an excellent pace, depicting her love for nature coupled with their unified efforts to make it happen. This love even drives her to Ethiopia, while she hopes to gather her much needed support.

A tale of passion, perseverance, faith, trust, hard work and love, ‘Dare to be wild’ motivates the viewers, right from start to end. It demonstrates the power of nature and its wonderful components to spread happiness and harmony. If we dream with our hearts at the right place, nothing is impossible. All we want is around us, only if we dare to do it.

Watch it for its motivational touch, excellent acting, impactful dialogues and romantic shades, as this movie will be the perfect start for a prosperous New Year. On Demand January 9th.


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