Movie Review: ‘City Of Dead Men’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Michael (Diego Boneta) is a young American living in Columbia, who blows through his money and resorts to stealing to keep afloat. He gets caught sleeping in someone’s car and a woman named Melody (Maria Mesa), decides to help him. She tells him of a party going on later and even mentions that he’ll probably be able to stay there until he figures out what to do. The party and place he can stay at is an abandoned psychiatric hospital for children that closed down years ago.

Michael meets Jacob (Jackson Rathbone) who lets him stay with him and his crew, but also invites Michael to join them. They are a group of people known as “Dead Men”. They don’t fear death, they look for anything that gives them an adrenaline rush and they always talk about living in the now. Michael joins them, but Melody just meant for him to crash with them for a couple of days.

Michael begins experiencing what he believes are hallucinations, but later finds out he is having flashbacks of memories that have to do with the hospital they are in. Something terrible happened in that hospital and Michael has been lured back there, but is it too late to get out of there alive?

This is a horror movie that has a more rave dance club vibe going on. It’s shot well and the acting is good, but it feels like horror is kind of in the background. It tries to immerse you in the story as it progresses, but you might feel a little bit like you’ve waited too long and now you’re bored. It feels like “The Lost Boys”, but in Columbia and it doesn’t make you want to stay fully invested into the story.

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