Movie Review: ‘Circus Kane’

Review by Monique Thompson

The notorious and disgraced circus master, Balthazar Kane, invites an unsuspecting group of social media stars to the revival of his CIRCUS KANE by promising $250,000 to any of them who can make it through the night. Kane’s true plan quickly proves to be far more sinister as the contestants realize more than money is on the line. The group must fight for their lives to escape Kane’s demented house of horrors.

Uncork’d Entertainment is actually one of my favorite distributors of independent horror films. While the acting isn’t always that great, the storylines are pretty decent and interesting enough that you can tolerate it.

Circus Kane puts me in mind of House On Haunted Hill with a killer clown twist. How much are you willing to endure for half a million dollars is exactly what the group of unsuspecting contestants must answer. Almost immediately upon arriving at circus master Balthazar Kane’s deserted house of horrors, the group realizes things are far more sinister than they imagined.

As far as acting goes, it’s evident the acting isn’t the greatest. Jonathan Lipnicki and Mark Christopher Lawrence would probably be the most notable and recognizable names. However though, I’ve definitely witnessed much worse. The humor from the cast including Tim Abell, is a great offset to the acting. Now on to the special effects. There’s tons and tons of blood baths but the quality is pretty bad. Very unrealistic looking but nonetheless they happen.

Overall, Circus Kane is a pretty decent and entertaining. Surely won’t hurt anything to watch it this fall season.

Starring: Jonathan Lipnicki, Tim Abell, Richard Moll, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Victoria Konefal, Nicole Fox

Available on VOD September 8th

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