Movie Review: ‘Asylum Of Darkness’

Review by Monique

After awakening in a mental asylum, a patient plans an escape to freedom, but finds an even more disturbing, supernatural world on the outside, one that threatens to keep him trapped in madness forever.

I’m sure no one would choose an insane asylum over the free world but in the film Asylum of Darkness, it might just make you think twice about your choice. Asylum of Darkness is a quite melodramatic telling of Dwight Stroud’s (Nick Baldasare) psychological battle with supernatural forces. Narrated by Stroud, this is definitely one of those films that you may have to watch a couple times before it actually makes sense. Once he leaves the asylum, Stroud’s new identity still causes him to question his past as he learns about the madness. The narration does somewhat help to keep the story moving along so that certainly may be what saves it from being an absolute dud. While the film is a bit weird, it will leave you wondering whether or not Stroud is truly insane. The bit of suspense is surely this films saving grace.

STARRING: Nick Baldasare, the late Richard Hatch, Amanda Howell, Frank Jones Jr

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