Interview: ‘David A. Gregory’ Talks His Project Greenlight Movie ‘Lily In The Grinder’

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Update: Just after the release of Lily in the Grinder on Vimeo, the film won a Best Cinematography Award at the Museum of the Moving Image, and we just received word that it’s been nominated for HBO Project Greenlight’s Greenie Awards! Click here to help.

Interview was recorded last October.

David A. Gregory is know for his role on ‘One Life To Live’ as Robert Ford. He’s also done TV shows, will be on NBC’s ‘Constantine’ for a couple of episodes and is in the new short movie ‘Lily In The Grinder.’ The short is part of ‘Project Greenlight’ and is one of the finalists. We talked about all this and more.

The Film: Top 200 Finalist for HBO/Matt Damon/Ben Affleck’s Project Greenlight, a programmer at IFP called Lily “incredibly original”, and an audience member said it was “the closest I’ve seen film come to dreaming.” It bridges narrative and experimental storytelling, exploring time, existence, death, and sex through powerful imagery and a live string quartet recording in the style of Béla Bartók.

The Release: We are giving viewers complete flexibility in how they participate in the experience. No short film has been released in this way before:
* $4 for the film + concert edition for 1mo.
* For a Facebook share, the film is free for 24hr.


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