Gravitas Ventures Acquires The Documentary ‘The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin’


Using the very cryptocurrency the feature documentary describes, Gravitas Ventures, has acquired worldwide rights to The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, making it the first distributor to purchase movie rights with bitcoin. To facilitate the transaction, Gravitas used the services provided by Coinbase, a leading bitcoin startup that is also portrayed in the film.

The well-received Tribeca Film Festival documentary will have a limited theatrical release on October 3rd in New York, Los Angeles, and Cleveland, followed by a global VOD release on October 10th. The film is available for pre-order now in 18 languages on iTunes and the film’s site,, where customers can purchase the film with their own bitcoin.

In Cleveland, the film will play at the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland Heights which is home to “Bitcoin Boulevard US,” America’s first organized Bitcoin merchant community.

Bitcoin is the leading digital, decentralized, global cryptocurrency that has been gaining popularity since its mysterious creation in 2009. The open-source software was designed by the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, who left it to grow in the hands of a dedicated community of technologists, computer programmers, and entrepreneurs. Today, bitcoin is widely accepted as a form of payment by individuals and big businesses alike. Dell, DISH Network Corporation, and Expedia accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

If all of this is still a head-scratching concept, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a great place to start in uncovering the brief, yet dramatic history of the Bitcoin movement and community. Nicholas Mross directs an expertly-crafted documentary, which follows his Bitcoin-enthusiast brother from his Pittsburgh basement bitcoin mining operation and around the world as they question all the “visionaries” who have staked a claim in the growing trend. Ben Bledsoe, Patrick Lope, and Nicholas Mross produced the film.

Bledsoe stated, “The Gravitas team saw and embraced our vision for the film and brought it to life. They are doing an fantastic job on guiding it through cutting-edge and meaningful distribution. Our collaboration with these distributors has been incredible. They truly get it, and we’re all very excited that the film is available for purchase in bitcoin as well as traditional currencies.”

Michael Murphy, President at Gravitas Ventures said, “When we saw this film at Tribeca, we knew that to do it right we had to be all-in. That meant buying the film with bitcoin, accepting bitcoin, going global with the film, and generally immersing ourselves in this growing community. We have really enjoyed working with Nick, Ben, Pat, and their team on the release of this film. They’re super sharp and engaged. No one can predict what Bitcoin will become over time, but it’s apparent that it will be a very interesting part of our 21st century history. This documentary couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.”

Zac Bright and Kevin Iwashina of Preferred Content negotiated the deal with Murphy from Gravitas.

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