Watch ‘Extreme Love’ Preview Friday On We tv

EXTREME LOVE – “100 ORGASMS A DAY & MARRIED TO A DOMINATRIX” – Airs Friday, February 15that 10/9C

Woman has 100 orgasms a day. Man likes being squashed by Amazon woman. Husband regrets marrying Dominatrix, when she brings her work home and he pays the price! Horny Granny desires Boy Toys.


About Extreme Love

Extreme Love is based on a hugely popular digital series of the same name. The 8 60-minute episodes feature brand new stories and expanded content. The series includes tales of incredible and unusual relationships where traditional notions of romance are reimagined for the 21st century.

Stories in the series include a 21-year old Floridian woman who spends time as an “adult baby,” a 4ft weightlifter who finds love with a transgender woman, and real-life vampire couples. Extreme Love is series that proves there’s someone for everyone!

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