Watch ‘Extreme Love’ Preview Friday, January 3rd On We tv

WE tv’s docuseries, “EXTREME LOVE,” returns for a wildly bizarre second season, taking a deeper look at more incredible and unusual real-life relationships. Premiering Friday, January 3 at 10PM ET/PT, the eight hour-long episodes continue to prove that there truly is someone for everyone!

“EXTREME LOVE” takes a curious and intimate look into the lives of real people in extraordinary circumstances. While shocking, their relationships are also in many ways universal and relatable. From mermaid couples to role playing kittens, sploshers to a young woman in love with a Boeing 737 – these are love stories with outrageous twists!

Meet the couples from the premiere episode:

Texie, Chicago, IL. A 3”6” exotic performer has overcome prejudice and secured a big gig, but will her full-size girlfriend’s jealousy get in the way of her lover’s success?

Michele, Berlin, Germany. A woman who is deeply in love with a Boeing 737 gets her chance to visit an airport hanger for a special first date and is wowed by a romantic surprise.

Wade & Michelle, Maryville, Tenn. A happily married couple engage in role play 24/7. He is the stern “Daddy” who administers discipline when she, the “Little,” misbehaves. But how will their conservative community react when “Little” throws a tantrum in public, and “Daddy” must take matters into his own hands?

“Extreme Love” will air immediately following all-new episodes of another groundbreaking docuseries, “Life After Lockup” premiering Friday, January 3 at 9pm ET/PT only on WE tv.

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