DVD Review: ‘Teen Wolf: Season 6 Part 1’

Teen Wolf season 6 (in stores now) was all about mysterious men on horses and how and where is Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Kids are disappearing from school being taken by Ghost Riders. And in episode one Stiles is one of them. When people are taken they are soon forgotten about like they never existed.

Scott (Tyler Posey) and Lydia (Holland Roden) forget him as does his dad The Sherriff (Linden Ashby) who is back with his dead wife like she never died or gave birth. Soon Scott and Lydia are having flashes of someone named Stiles (who is also trying to reach out to them). Soon they are on the hunt for him finding more and more clues and figuring out who he is. There’s a touching scene involving Stiles and his dad when they reunite.

Also a mysterious new teacher Mr. Douglas (a Nazi Alpha Wolf) arrives in town and starts committing murders. He wants Parrish (Ryan Kelley) and will stop at nothing to get him. His ultimate plan is take over the Ghost Riders and rule.

It comes down to a final showdown to find Stiles, the Sheriff and all the other people missing and end the Ghost Riders. It was another intense season with the kids trying to finish their final semester and move on to college. Here’s hoping the final season will concentrate more on the core characters in town (and with some returns of previous characters) looks to be that way.

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