DVD Review: ‘The Stain: The Complete Third Season’

The third season of The Strain was a set-up for the fourth and final season coming soon to FX. The war between the strigoi and the humans in New York was at an all-time high, with an intense, draw dropping finale episode to the season.

Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Cory Stoll) has been working on his weapon to take out the vampires and is working good. Ephraim is still upset about his son missing and continues to look for him. He’s teaming with Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) to find whatever weaknesses the strigoi have by capturing them and experimenting on them. Ephraim also does something that betrays Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley). He is on his own quest investigating a mysterious shipment that is coming in from Egypt.

A plan is put in motion to capture and entomb the master once and for all and to hopefully end the strigoi. Thinking they have destroyed the Master, he has outwitted them and taken over a new body. The Master has his own plan and has gotten a hold of nuclear bombs, which he will detonate, which hides the sun and allows the vampires to run wild. The season ends on that note, setting up the final season.

The DVD is in stores now and contains 45 minutes of extras.

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