DVD Review: ‘So Bright The View’ Will Keep You Enthralled

‘So Bright the View’ is a drama from Romanian directors Joel Levy Florescu and Michael Levy Florescu. It takes a look at the problems of modern life in Romania, and, while arguably not the most ambitious of topics, it is a well-written character driven drama.

Estera (Bianca Valea) is a young Jewish girl living in Bucharest, Romania, who really wants her boyfriend Vlad (Robi Urs) to be a part of her future. Things have hit a rough spot though, and it has come down to the point where either the two work things out or Estera is going to leave the country for either Israel or the United States. Throw in a bunch of complicating problems, including a pregnancy, a father in prison, and a mother facing potential eviction and you can start to see just how complicated Estera’s life has become.

The problems portrayed in this film are not unique to people living in Romania, and this is where it shines. The Florescus do a great job magnifying the universality of the modern condition and demonstrating the complicated problems facing everyday people worldwide. It is refreshing to see a film that mirrors the difficulties of reality so well.

‘So Bright the View’ is the type of film that will keep viewers enthralled throughout. It is a beautifully written and directed movie that is more than worth a watch.

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