DVD Review: ‘Golden Shoes’ Is A Heartwarming Movie For The Whole Family

Christian (Christian Koza) loves soccer and his mom (Dina Meyer) and dad (Joshua Morrow). His dad is in the military and away on assignment (and he misses him a lot). His mom works a lot of hours. Christian is on the local team but doesn’t get much playing time. He dreams of one day being a big time player. His mom encourages him to his best.

When his mom receives bad news about his dad being MIA she has a bad car accident. So their neighbor Frank (Eric Roberts) has to take care of Christian. Eric has two kids he wants to succeed on the team and is a somewhat mean toward Christina. He puts him in the basement and makes him do a lot of chores and even stops him from talking to his mom. He is trying to hold him down in favor of this sons. He does take him to get a new pair of soccer shoes from Mr. Mercury (Montel Williams) which are golden shoes.

The coach of the team Dominic (David DeLuise) gives him a shot and suddenly Christian is doing really good (thanks to the shoes which have some sort of good luck to them). Christian is suddenly the talk of the city and the country. He prays for his family and success in his game. He has to over come Frank a dastardly Frank to play in the big game and gets a big surprise when it’s over!

A movie for the whole family about trying your best, the love of family and over coming obstacles. A great cast as well as the people mentioned above also includes Vivica A. Fox and John Wesley Shipp.

Available in stores on Tuesday, October 6 from Anchor Bay Films.

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