DVD Review: ‘Frankenstein vs. The Mummy’

Victor Frankenstein is a young medical philosopher who is attempting to prove that immortality is possible through the reanimation of a corpse. Nahlia, Victor’s Egyptologist girlfriend, has just discovered the cursed remains of an ancient pharaoh mummy. The couples’ research takes on a life of its own as Frankenstein’s monster and the cursed mummy are unleashed on the world and each other.

‘Frankenstein vs The Mummy’ is a fairly entertaining little horror flick. It is really violent and gory, which is good because it is this aspect that largely carries the film’s somewhat obvious and unimaginative plot.

In terms of payoff and actually seeing the two famous titular characters duke it out the film is a fairly big let down. This versus action doesn’t really take place until the very end of the movie and is somewhat anti-climactic. Luckily, as mentioned above, there is some good horror and gore to tide over viewers.

The notion of the monster battle movie is interesting, and there have been quite a few different attempts at these types of films. What should be noted about this attempt especially is that while this is ‘Frankenstein vs The Mummy’ it might as well be called a Frankenstein vs. a mummy. The interpretations and origins of the creatures are unique and developed for this movie. This is not the quiet misunderstood Frankenstein that people often see. It is just a monster and the mummy in this film is also just a monster. They are both monsters whose sole purpose is to raise terror and fight. Complexity and layers behind tragic misunderstood creatures does play into the plot at all here.

‘Frankenstein vs. The Mummy’ is an okay watch with enough horror and blood to tide over any hardcore monster fans. The overall plot is lacking, but the film does deliver, although weakly, the promised fight of the monster titans.

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