DVD Review: ‘Bones: The Final Chapter’

The final season Bones was 12 episodes of classic Bones. The final season saw the return of Eric Millegan as Zack Addy (who had returned in the season 11 finale). Also returning was Eddie as Sully (he was on during season 2) and Stephen Fry as Gordon Wyatt (also from previous seasons). Also returning for another guest starring role was Betty White as Dr. Beth Mayer.

This season like all the previous seasons contained a lot of deaths that the team had to investigate. As well as Booth having to rescue Bones from Zack. Booth’s family being in jeopardy due to his military past (and he has to put his kids into a safe house) until he finally figures out who’s targeting him. Episode 11 is a POV from the six main characters point of view as to what’s going on during and after Cam and Arastoo’s wedding. And of course the final involves and explosion and gives closure to the main characters as the series ends.

All in all a satisfying end to the long running series that probably could have kept going had they decided to. After twelve years the show will be missed!

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