Documentary Review: ‘The Workers Cup’

Following our dreams and doing what we love is life, but it may not necessarily come to us as desired. Getting access to right resources when needed is the real challenge that often takes us away from the coveted prize. In such circumstances how do we continue and find a way out is the key to pleasure and success. Demonstrating the ability to turn situations their way is the theme of this documentary ‘Workers Cup’. Taking us through the efforts, hard work, home sicknesses and labor of building a stadium miles away from home, the documentary is a real life example of finding happiness for oneself.

While building infrastructure for the next 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar, many migrant workers from Asia, Africa and Arab are toiling to make it possible. Staying away from home in crowded labor camps with limited resources, they come across several challenges. Though love for football keeps them going, they are just a part of the construction aspect. While esteemed and talented players from all around the globe will add magic to the ground one day, these workers are far away from any possibility of sharing this stage.

But, all of this does not stop them from using the opportunity to their advantage. All through the day they work hard to build this platform, only to unite at night to play on the same ground. Instead of just building, they form teams among themselves and conduct matches. The documentary shows this interesting journey as the workers unite for their own form of World cup. Rightly called the Workers cup, it demonstrates their hard work but desire to play together. It takes the audience through recruitment agencies and overseas contractors that employ these workers. While some are told about the opportunity right from start, many others suffer from lies and dishonesty from the company’s end.

From the support of management, these workers are provided the opportunity to present their talents and participate in football matches. With an honest approach, the documentary depicts the story of opportunities and success. Turning circumstances our way and extracting the best out of it is the only task in hands. Each of these workers work hard by the day and practice at night to make this interesting dream possible. It takes us through the views of numerous players from the tournament.

Unity in diversity runs as the central theme of this organization as workers from Kenya, Ghana, India, and Nepal form the team and play together. Consistent practice, adequate support and resources prompt these men to work hard on their game, all the while fulfilling their duties in the company. It is a motivational tale of how the workers unite together to erase their homesickness and loneliness away from family, while using the opportunity well.

An empowering documentary about faith, hard work, trusting ourselves and humanity, it opens our eyes through more ways than one. Inspirational tale laced with all the feelings of mankind, ‘The Workers Cup’ is the bridge for the divided world between rich and poor, power and poverty, fame and struggle.

Opening in New York and Los Angeles June 8.


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