Documentary Review: ‘My Love, Don’t Cross That River’ Is An Emotional Account With A Romantic Twist

Korean documentary film ‘My Love, Don’t Cross That River’, is a wonderful depiction by all means. Following the simple, yet enthusiastic life of couple Byong-man Jo and Gye-yeul Kang, the movie takes the viewers through their 76 years of marital bliss. Though both of them reach the peak of their age with wrinkles, tiredness and loss of energy as companions, their intimate moments act as source of inspiration. Motivating young minds about the power of respect, trust, care and love for the life partner, this documentary captures all their interactions in a perfect manner. Though Byong approaches his 100th milestone and Kang waits firmly in her 89th year, the documentary portrays their sweet, romantic moments in an energetic limelight.

Depicting the purity in their love, attachment, bond and affection, director Mo-Young Jin has created a masterpiece through this film. Laced with simplicity, yet conveying its message loud and clear, the documentary prompts us to think about the power of love. Though both the protagonists experience troubles of rising age, their enthusiasm to live for each other form the best highlights of the movie. Centering their lives around the happiness of the other, the movie portrays love and relations in a positive light. Sacrifice, comprise, understanding and respect form the main pillars of strength as the two love-birds demonstrate the influence of each.

With soothing piano music in the background, picturesque location of house along a river, beautiful landscape of mountains and wonderful shower of snow, the movie has an amazing feel for the audience. Fun-filled moments of cleaning the house, cooking food, collecting wood logs and walking along the road form the central highlight of this documentary that focusses on the everyday life of the old couple. Though age and health troubles raise their ugly heads quite often, the couple manage to spend naughty moments with each other. Keeping their freshness alive, as the two engage in teasing, throwing water or leaves over each other and arguing over silly things, the film appears completely true by all means. Holding hands while sleeping appears as their unstated law that brings romance to their story, every single day. Inspiring us to follow the same, the couple certainly delivers a powerful message for all.

Matching traditional clothes of the couple, celebration of birthdays and family get-togethers with children and grandchildren take the audience through the joy of support and togetherness. While they enjoy local picnics with their neighbors and friends and look forward to their daily routine of walks, the movie talks about their love for life. Though each one of us is caught within the hassles of routine life, the movie prompts us to appreciate the magic of relations and respect them with all our hearts. Several moments along this movie seem to relate with our real life as well. Regular course of discussion between the couple about aspects such as loss of support, love and companionship due to death manage to trigger questions among the audience too.

A real-life depiction with simple language, true scenario, genuine words and honest opinions; this documentary succeeds in its purpose. By delivering its message in a clear manner, the movie certainly inspires rather than just preach. Forming a real connection with the audience that shall last forever, this film has the power to attract love and attention from the audience.

Opening and closing with the scene of Kang weeping alone, the picture along the banks of river leaves a powerful impact. Without any words or explanation, this portrayal depicts the sorrow of loss. Though Kang loses her husband to old age and failing health, her regular communication with his grave stone touch the chords of the heart. An emotionally draining depiction that reminds us of our old people in the family, the movie succeeds by all means. Besides conveying the power of love, the movie prompts us to wonder about our relations at such a stage in future.
Watch this movie for its simple subject and powerful depiction, love-filled portrayal and honest relations.

What does old age mean?
How to hold on to relations without hurting our own people?
How to inculcate factors of sacrifice, compromise, trust and understanding?
How to safeguard love, respect, care and affection till the end of time?

While you wonder about these questions, watch the movie for its real-life assistance over the same!

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