Documentary Review: ‘Mountain’

If mountains and music are among two of your favorite things, documentary ‘Mountain’ should be your next entertainer pick. Bringing mighty mountains and engaging narration, documentary maker Jennifer Peedom has succeeded in creating an excellent presentation on screen. With support of helicopters, go-pro cameras and drones, the documentary comes across as a fresh attempt that reaches unexpected heights and breathtaking sights. Narrated by William Dafoe with classical music from Australian Chamber Orchestra, this depiction is nothing less than pure magic.

It takes the audience through mesmerizing sights of huge mountain ranges, tall peaks, snowcapped mountains and amazing experiences that can only be imagined in some fantasy world. As the documentary presents the real picture through such close angles, it takes you right at the center of all the adventure. It does not come across as some fictional depiction with larger than life graphics. It rather touches the actual nature and environment with true experiences of mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts.

‘Mountain’ takes its viewers through diverse experiences all around the globe. It comes across a wonderful natural play with magical moments that unfold one image after the other. The documentary does not restrict to modern times with advanced techniques alone, it presents historical memories from the past with photographs, videos and some glimpses of mountaineering back then. An up, close and personal look at mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing and such difficult adventure activities, Mountain inspires and motivates through the lens of these brave enthusiasts. Though nature seems hostile, dangerous and unapproachable at such heights, it still manages to invite such adventurous participants who refuse to stop and continue their difficult journey.

An excellent natural adventure at work, Mountain takes us right at the center of all the action, from the comforts of our couch. Inspirational for those who wish to scale mountains, at the same time entertaining for those who are scared, yet wish to be close to such an adventure, documentary ‘Mountain’ is truly ideal for a larger audience base. From mountain biking to skiing, parachuting to rock climbing, the documentary is filled with loads of activities, bringing us the real picture of risks, rewards, achievements and pleasure.

Filmed at numerous locations around the globe, it takes us to places such as Tibet, Alaska, Norway, Australia, US and several other picturesque destinations at heights.

Watch this documentary for its flawless flow, excellent narration, melodious background music and real adventurous pictures. With every element in place, ‘Mountain’ succeeds in its attempt of celebrating the strength and existence of the mighty mountains.


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