Documentary Review: ‘The Mighty Atom’

When physical hardships enter into a system, they may not necessarily weaken the person, but can make one much stronger. This is exactly what documentary ‘The Mighty Atom’ talks about, while taking audience through the inspirational story of Joseph Greenstein. Born in Poland as a premature baby and having encountered deadly form of tuberculosis in his teens, there were several hardships along the way. While it was believed that he may not live for long, Joseph turned the tables and made an inspirational mark in the world. With exceptional physical strength and remarkable stamina to continue his hard work, Joseph was rightly named as ‘The Mighty Atom’, strongest person in the world.

A strong Jewish man with great strength and endurance, Joseph did unimaginable acts with his muscles. Though his body frame was not athletic or body builder kind with height of 5’4”, his stamina was way beyond any stronger person of his age. This documentary does an incredible job of taking the viewers to the good, old times and describing his tale in a simple manner. As Joseph’s sons, grandson, family and friends share their memories, it is truly inspirational in every way. The story goes around in a systematic manner, depicting photographs, radio pieces, newspaper cuttings and legendary milestones of the mighty atom.

Breaking all barriers and challenges, Joseph Greenstein set an amazing example. He was able to perform mighty acts during unfavorable times in the history. How he managed to possess such high level of strength is a question mark even today, as his story talks about beating all odds. He did not let any weaknesses or popular misconceptions in his way, while working hard to create a name. From bending a horseshoe to lifting weights, pulling vehicles to stopping planes, Joseph did some of the most incredible feats that are impossible for replication. His acts continue to inspire young athletes even today, making one realize that unfavorable situations can be turned around with determination, dedication, confidence and courage.

The documentary succeeds in weaving the story perfectly, introducing every aspect of his life. He was able to achieve lot of unimaginable tasks easily, as if he possessed qualities of some superhero. Traveling to different countries all over the world, he gathered skills and exhibited 50 years of remarkable strength. Joseph Greenstein continues to be a role model for the future generation. While his unfavorable health conditions could have dragged him into disappointment, failure or even early death, Joseph refused to give up. By drawing inspiration from body builders, he decided to train himself too. With a thought to succeed and emerge victorious, he invested incredible efforts that righty conferred him with the title ‘The Mighty atom’.

A motivational story that poses as a torchlight of strength, fitness, determination and perseverance, The Mighty Atom is definitely worth watching. This documentary will inspire you to fight against circumstances and emerge joyful at the end of it all. Watch it for its doses of inspiration and to realize that mind governs everything.

Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play on November 14th.


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