Documentary Review: ‘Hearing Is Believing’

Power-packed with inspiration from start to end, ‘Hearing is believing’ is a wonderful non-fiction feature film from award-wining filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano. Presenting young musician and composer Racheal Flowers to the audience, this movie stands for its motivational message about her successful journey so far. Though gripped with numerous troubles and challenges along her path, Rachael’s determination to fight against undesirable circumstances talk about her courage and confidence. Rachael’s 15 weeks premature birth brought several difficulties along her childhood. Though she lost her eyesight at the young age of 2 years, she decided to work against this challenge with confidence.

The movie introduces us to her musical journey that began since the age of 4 years. She started her musical education with an aim to win over her shortcomings. By using her skills to create music, Rachael has brought great success to herself and her family. Excellent screenplay, strong story and motivational touch that speak about her courage form the wining highlights of this movie. It is truly inspirational on every front.

Besides Rachael’s musical journey, the movie focusses over her family life that dealt with their own share of troubles. While managing their household expenses from one paycheck to the next, Rachael’s single mother exhibited courage to raise her two kids with happiness. With her strong inclination towards music and successful hard work, Rachael was able to bring cheer into their lives. This feature takes the audience through Rachael’s mesmerizing composition filled with bonds of love for her family. It also exhibits divine mysteries of creativity as she creates magic with her tunes alone.

The movie speaks about her remarkable achievement as she has been the recipient of many awards and scholarships. She has several credits to her name that make her an inspiration for all. Despite her blindness, she refuses to accept defeat and has truly managed to create wonders. Her scholarships and awards include Stanford University Jazz Residency, Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards, winner of the Ventura County Student Jazz competition, and private instruction in advanced improvisation through the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. Jazz music seems to be her specialty as she engages in composition of Jazz and Orchestra.

‘Hearing is believing’ is truly a must-watch, eye-opener documentary that conveys the message ‘Nothing is impossible’. Rachael’s desire to make a difference reflects in her hard work as she is totally dedicated to music and its wonders. Her earing skills have out-powered her blindness, bringing success and happiness to her self-made journey.

Watch this documentary for its inspirational touch and valuable message. Slated to release on June 16th – watch, hear and experience to believe it!


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