Documentary Review: ‘Family In Transition’

With a perfect title that looks into domain of relationships, sexuality, family life and societal beliefs, documentary ‘Family in transition’ brings a unique tale of two individuals in Israel. Hailing from a small conservative town in the country, both enjoy happy married life with four wonderful children till a big surprise enters into their family. Unable to continue his life as a man, when Amit comes out of the closet to his beloved wife, there is no expected drama in their journey. Being extremely supportive and strong, she welcomes this blow without any troubles, posing as a strong pillar of strength.

Taking the audience through the transition of a man into woman, while playing the role of a responsible parent of the children, it addresses the basic significant factor of family life. Is it the fact that so-called definition of a normal family makes everyone happy or is it the selfless love for each other which makes it strong? The documentary does not involve many direct interviews. It leaves a lot to the imagination of the audience, while the camera lens follows their usual family life and activities.

‘Family In Transition’ is about acceptance, love, true feelings and family. As Amit undergoes a medical procedure in Thailand, the lens present their mounting challenges. All through the journey, it is amazing to look at Amit’s wife and children who accept everything without any second thoughts. Practical attitude of each of the four kids shows the reality that younger generation is easily receptive to newer ideas without holding any bias in their hearts. Though Amit’s wife is quite supportive all through the transition that ends into a beautiful remarriage, problems enter into their fabric within a short while. One realizes the stress of role reversal and new responsibilities that put Amit’s wife into a dilemma. She could stay strong all through the transition but soon the new approach starts to weigh her down.

Their changing roles, uncertain look at life and rising doubts put them into confusion while each one of them try hard to balance their new normal. It offers closer look at how family love and bond are sufficient to overcome bigger hurdles when all it takes is true feelings from within.

It talks about power of acceptance, wider outlook and broader mindset. ‘Family in transition’ shows how living outside of typical comfort zone calls for greater commitment, selfless love and the need to stop our judgements in light of happier times.
Watch a tale of love, affection and social fabric purely based on the feelings of happiness. It shows positive vibes in a society otherwise divided on the basis of race, religion, traditions and nationality.


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