Documentary Review: ‘Coming To My Senses’

When destiny and life seem to look the other way, the only thing that works is faith in oneself. Directed by Dominic Gill, this documentary takes us through the ups and downs of life encountered by a strong man Aaron Baker. Adventurous and daring, he chose to live life to the fullest only to meet an uncertain fate. When a motocross accident crushes his dreams, leaving him paralyzed neck down, Aaron refuses to lie low. From several struggles of depression, dependence, physical hardships and failures, as he strives to get back to life, this tale is truly inspiring.

It warns the audience about the uncertainties of adventures, at the same time throws light over the significance of trust and faith. When doctors offered a difficult diagnosis for his journey ahead, one determined Aaron continues to work hard as much as he can. A well- made documentary with interviews from his parents, sister, friends and well-wishers, Director Dominic Gill has succeeded in celebrating a life full of determination.

The presentation flows in a flawless mode, engaging the audience right till the end. It is impossible to not fall in love with this tale of confidence, courage and bravery against all odds. ‘Coming to my senses’ has an emotional touch with several tense moments as every member speaks from the heart. From opinion of doctors to beliefs of family, the documentary takes the audience through every single step of his recovery. Though all rays of hope seem to disappear along this long journey of sixteen years, Aaron did not give up no matter what. His determination kept him going to achieve some of the most unexpected milestones along the path of recovery. We can sense determination and passion in his eyes, while he talks about getting back on track as soon as possible.

A step by step journey of several years with incredible improvement mark his story. As he added some new achievements while taking charge of physical movements, the documentary is totally inspirational to say the least. This determination takes him on several adventures including tandem cycling across the country to dedicated coaching programs aimed towards recovery to finally starting his own fitness center for disabled individuals. He is a model of hope for all those who seem to have lost in life, only to get back in the least unexpected way.

At the end, as he dreams to achieve one last project towards final independence and complete recovery, ‘Coming to my senses’ captures his thoughts and ideas, while he makes it happen. With the camera lens that captures this final journey, the documentary brings it all to the audience. Whether Aaron succeeds in this final task or realizes the path is still long, all of it is totally worth seeing.

Watch this tale that motivates and inspires at every step. Celebrate the courage and success of a real-life super hero who spreads his confidence to all the others in need.

Digital Release Tuesday, May 15.


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