Documentary Review: ‘Chef Flynn’

Portraying the journey of a young culinary artist Chef Flynn McGarry, this documentary is a treat for the eyes. It takes us through the childhood of an ambitious boy who was interested in preparing different dishes and trying his luck in the kitchen. Rather than playing with his friends in a carefree way, Flynn enjoys planning dishes and making novel cuisines. With home-recorded videos from his ambitious artist mother Meg and directorial skills of Cameron Yates, Chef Flynn is a simple, realistic and novel look at the young chef’s life.

It offers insights into his childhood and family life while he strived to create a mark. All along the documentary you realize his passion turns into the primary driving factor. He thinks about novel recipes himself and tries it out as an experiment. He comes across as a shy boy hiding away from his mother while she is enthusiastic to record his journey. The documentary takes us to his bedroom turned work place where all the magic is created. His passion takes him places where he assists chefs at some renowned restaurants around the country.

From creating recipes and preparing meals with his friends at their home in California to featuring in prominent newspapers and websites, the documentary captures many experiences of this 13-year chef as he heads towards starting his own restaurant in NYC. It is interesting to know his passion, interest and desire that fuels this ability of creating unique dishes. Everything from his plating style to ideas of unique ingredients, desire of creating novel meals to ability of managing elaborate menus for family and friends highlight his culinary skills.

The documentary fails to engage and seems rather long. Though it presents the incredible talent of a young chef, it tends to disconnect from the audience. There was lot of scope for editing and direction that could have made it more entertaining. It comes across as a compilation of home videos stressing more over the mother-son relationship than the actual skills that make him an excellent chef. It would be appreciable if the makers focused over his strengths giving him more footage instead of the ambitious views of a doting mother.

The tale is inspirational since it shows the reality that age/status/position/wealth/fame does not matter while hard work is the most important factor. He suffers from his share of controversies and backlashes yet is determined to make it big in a field that he enjoys the most. The food plates and pictures look amazing displaying his talent in a delicious way.

Watch a tale that inspires, motivates and prompts one to work behind one’s dreams. There are no standard protocols or flowcharts in life. If one is determined and backed with passion, the result can be incredible. Chef Flynn shows this power behind dreams, hard work, interest and dedication.


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