Documentary Review: ‘I Am The Blues’

Though the title of this documentary reads as ‘I Am the Blues’, it will definitely not give you any blues or regrets. A unique piece that talks about ‘blues’ form of music, this documentary has been made with an interesting historic touch. Taking the audience to the birthplace of blues, documentarian Daniel Cross has done some detailed research about this American art form. It comes across as a vibrant, entertaining and nostalgic musical tour of Louisiana and Mississippi.

This documentary focusses more over the lives of musicians and their tours as they embark on musical journey. It talks about their experiences on and off road. Blues been a popular art form of American history was enjoyed in clubs and bars since a long time. It features several heroes of this art form who have been religiously practicing and enjoying the tunes for years now. It celebrates living legends of Blues and focuses over one such hero ‘Bobby Rush’. An 83-year old musician who recently won the Grammy for his Traditional Blues album ‘Porcupine Meat’ in February, this person inspires the audience with his love for the arts.

Daniel Cross succeeds in creating a perfect documentary by focusing both over the music and its legends. As Bobby Rush describes his 60 years journey in the field of Blues, the audience will be definitely inspired by his contribution. With light backdrop and soft music, ‘I am the blues’ allows viewers to sway in the tunes with wonderful nostalgic memories. It talks about the good, old days of this genre that is slowly fading away with passing time. This documentary is not a bright and colorful number with success stories alone. It has a smooth flowing rhythm that presents several struggles of the genre too.

Daniel Cross records several jam sessions of bluesmen and women while they break into an impromptu experience at the bars, living rooms, apartments, juke joints or senior living centers. It also features a joint by the name ‘Blue Front Café’ in Bentonia, Mississippi that had been opening its doors to the best bluesmen since the early 70s.

This documentary definitely celebrates the good times of a genre that was loved by all. Nostalgia poses as the central theme as bluesmen remember their colorful past. Though those days are matter of the past, this piece brings back some wonderful memories.

Watch ‘I am the blues’ to soak into this genre all over again.


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