‘Deadly Legacy’ Preview On Investigation Discovery Sunday

Edward Beaudion premieres Sunday, December 16 at 10/9c Edward Beaudion went missing from the Chicago area in July of 1978 after attending a friend’s wedding. The only piece of evidence found was his car, abandoned states away in Missouri. With his sister and father still searching for answers, they turn to Detective Moran to see if Edward somehow encountered John Wayne Gacy that July night.

Jimmy Haakenson premieres Sunday, December 23 at 10/9c In the summer of 1976, James “Jimmy” Haakenson told his family he was going to Chicago. After he called his mom in August to say he arrived safely, he was never heard from again. Jimmy’s determined nephew and sister reach out to Detective Moran after learning that he is trying to identify the last of Gacy’s victims. Moran sees that Jimmy could fit the profile, and vows to discover if Jimmy met his end with Gacy, or if something else happened to the teen. Season finale.

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