‘Counting On’ Preview Tuesday, October 15 On TLC

The Duggar family gets bigger and grows closer than ever before when COUNTING ON returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15 at 9pm ET/PT. With one pregnancy after the other, the brood is expecting not one, not two, but six new additions to the family. And their bonds are strengthened even more when tragedy strikes, and they lose their beloved Grandma Duggar.

The older Duggar siblings continue to experience major life milestones this season:

Jinger and Jeremy embark on a cross-country move to Los Angeles, where the bustling metropolis promises both culture shock and real estate sticker shock for the couple;
John and Abbie escape to Finland for a honeymoon full of adventure, but when something goes terribly wrong, the newlyweds have to quickly snap out of their honeymoon daze;
Jessa and Ben are happily preparing for baby number three with home renovations and lots of quality time with their two sons, Spurgeon and Henry. However, when Jessa’s water unexpectedly breaks while her family and midwife are out of town, the Seewalds are faced with an emergency delivery situation;
And, after the devastating miscarriage of their first baby, Josiah and Lauren announce that they’re expecting again. However, with emotions still raw from their loss, every milestone for this second pregnancy is a cause for celebration…including a fun-filled gender reveal.
And as if two babies aren’t enough, Kendra, Joy, Anna and Abbie all announce they’re also expecting! With six babies on the way, it’s sure to be the busiest and most exciting Counting On season yet.

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