Celebrating The Comic Genius Of Will Ferrell

Seeing as this month gave us chance to catch up with Will Ferrell as he made the fairly misguided attempt to run an illegal casino in The House, it’s a good time to look back over how he became one of our best-loved comedy stars.

The 49-year old actor first came to attention through his hilarious antics on Saturday Night Live. And he was quickly viewed as a key member of the ‘Frat Pack’ alongside the likes of Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Steve Carell as a new generation of outrageous comedy talent.

After a couple of promising appearances in the Austin Powers franchise, his role as the insane fashion boss, Mugatu, in the Zoolander movie showed that he had the star power necessary to eventually lead his own movie.

And Ferrell quickly delivered a couple of movies that cemented his reputation as one of the comedy all-time greats – Elf and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. These movies were not only huge box office hits, but they also revealed just how adaptable Ferrell was as a comedic talent.

Perhaps it’s because Ferrell is such an expressive actor that many commentators have felt frustrated when the star plays the ordinary guy role like in the recently released The House.

But even these relatively ‘normal’ movies succeed in giving Ferrell the opportunity to show us exactly what we shouldn’t do in life. Most sane people who wanted to play casino games at home would probably take the smart option and go to an online gaming site like InterCasino rather than opening up an illegal gambling den like Ferrell’s character.

But it’s the way that Ferrell’s characters always show us exactly what not to do that makes his movies such compulsive viewing. Whether it’s donning a skintight outfit for some ill-advised ice-skating escapades in Blades of Glory, or playing the ridiculously self-assured Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, Ferrell’s genius lies in doing the things that most of us are far too sensible to dream about.

And whilst some critics may suggest that running a club with casino games is perhaps a little humdrum for a man of Will Ferrell’s comic talents, then it’s worth mentioning that the star is lined up to play Sherlock Holmes in what could be one of the biggest roles of the actor’s career!

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