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Watch ‘Scorpion’ Preview Monday

Scorpion 3×18 “Don’t Burst My Bubble” Season 3 Episode 18 Promo – Following a severe storm, Happy’s friend Ada (Mary Mouser), who lives in a sterile bubble to protect her compromised immune system, is left with dangerous debris on the verge of puncturing the ...Read More

Watch ‘APB’ Preview Monday

APB 1×04 “Signal Loss” Season 1 Episode 4 Promo – After armor-piercing bullets are found on the black market, the team decides to send Officer Brandt on an undercover mission to catch the criminals selling them. But when the mission goes awry, the squad ...Read More

Watch ‘Jane The Virgin’ Preview Monday

Jane The Virgin 3×13 “Chapter Fifty-Seven” Season 3 Episode 13 Promo – When Jane (Gina Rodriguez) messes up at Mateo’s school, Petra (Yael Grobglas) convinces Jane to help with the preschool fundraiser to get in the good graces of the preschool’s director. Jane is ...Read More

Watch Preview For ‘Supergirl’ Monday

Supergirl 2×14 “Homecoming” Season 2 Episode 14 Promo – When Jeremiah Danvers (guest star Dean Cain) is rescued from Cadmus, Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) are thrilled to have their father back. The Danvers arrange a family dinner to celebrate but things ...Read More

Watch ‘2 Broke Girls’ Preview Monday

2 Broke Girls 6×18 “And the Dad Day Afternoon” Season 6 Episode 18 Promo – When Han’s new therapist suggests that Max needs to confront her “daddy issues” and fear of intimacy, she reluctantly heads to Rhode Island to track down her birth father ...Read More