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Movie Review: ‘Funny Story’

Review by James Lindorf Walter Campbell (Matthew Glave, The Wedding Singer) is the aging former star of a Hercules and Xena knockoff show, currently making a living on the convention circuit. Between conventions, Walter balances his time between his 24-year-old girlfriend and his estranged ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Booksmart’

Greetings again from the darkness. Every generation tends to get the high school movie (the movie about high school life) they deserve. Going back to James Dean in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955) and Sidney Poitier in TO SIR WITH LOVE (1967), what followed ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Frances Ferguson’

Review by Jacquelin Hipes Watching someone ruin their own life is rarely as fun as it is in Frances Ferguson, the latest film from director Bob Byington. The titular character, brought to life with deadpan aplomb by Kaley Wheless, feels as though she can ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘All Is True’

Review by Jacquelin Hipes Oftentimes, referring to a story or statement as true is meant to emphasize its factual nature. Yet a slightly more archaic use of the word, particularly when describing a person, can mean faithful or constant. So little is known about ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Eyes And Prize’

Review By: Wesley Collins Simple is often times just enough. Simplicity allows for directness and a focus on the smallest details in an attempt to expose what stories are truly made of. Stories are based on character development, dialogue and setting. If a writer ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Aladdin’

Greetings again from the darkness. Aladdin … come on down! You are the next participant in Disney’s ongoing mission for live-action remakes of their classic films. And rest easy fans, this time the mega-studio has done right by the original. Now that doesn’t mean ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Juveniles’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler ‘Juveniles’ Lucas (Beau Knapp) lives in a dangerous place where drugs and guns are flowing, cops don’t come around and if you call someone out to end a feud, you have to go to ‘the pit’ to fist fight and ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘A Violent Separation’

Review by Bradley Smith In 1983, the brother of a small-town deputy mistakenly kills someone close to him. Worried about the appearance, he enlists the deputy to help him cover up his tragic error. As the sheriff’s investigation closes in despite the deputy’s attempted ...Read More